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Programmers' InQ

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Programmers' InQ
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The cyber world is all around us, ever evolving, ever changing. Programmers InQ, the series of events in Quark 2010 related to the cyberspace, ensure that you get the opportunity to be the agents of this change. From the no-holds-barred ingenuity of Binary Pirates to the stringent protocol of The Ultimate Coder, along with the adaptability of Rip Open, Programmers InQ promises to not only be breathtaking in its simplicity and its knowledge, but also a source for the best Tech minds of the country to compete in a forum that is truly fitting to the genius of today’s techno-savvy youth.

For any queries regarding Programmers' InQ Panel, please contact:

Shashank Todwal
Computer Science/ Information Systems Panel Coordinator
Quark 2010

+91 9881472930
[email protected]

Binary Pirates

The race to the top . . .

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Event Sponsor

Binary Pirates Final Round has started. For more details visit:

The holy grail for hackers from across the country, Binary Pirates has just one rule- THERE ARE NO RULES. Do whatever it takes to capture the 'flag' and move to the next level. The event will test your understanding of networking principles and web technologies and your ability to bend them to suit your needs. In short, this event will shake the very foundations of your hacking knowledge and your ingenuity.

Geek 'N Latin

Confound 'Em.

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Update: Final Round Results are declared.

Tutorials are available to help you get started.

An Online Brainfcuk Interpreter.
The Brainfuck Developer IDE

Sick of those cascading tabs and well-behaved braces? It's time you break the shackles and let loose the spaghetti coder inside! With creativity and a taste for technical insanity being the only pre-requisites, arm yourself to take on your twisted binary counterparts in the arena to obfuscate, brain-fuck, reverse engineer and whirl your way to victory.


Discover The Open Source In You

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RIP OPEN Final Results are out! Download the results with the some important announcements here

Online Phase 2 of Rip Open has started. Download the problem statements here. Last Date to Submit the solutions is 23rd Jan (Saturday) by 23:59 hrs

Online Phase 1 has now ended successfully. See the results for Phase 1 here

Online Phase 1 of Rip Open has started. Download the problem statements here. Last Date to Submit the solutions is 12th Jan (Tuesday) by 23:59 hrs

Update : Problem No. 7 (ps7) works only in Internet Explorer and not in Mozilla Firefox. Sorry for the incovenience.

Open source development as you never thought existed. This event is for those who believe in the power of the open source. This event is all about the constantly evolving world of open source where people with innovative ideas get together, share their resources and bring out totally new creations using resources someone else created before them. The final output is all that matters, so if you think you have the logical and analytical skills, then this is the event for you.

Terminator 1.0

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Deadline for submission extended till 23rd Jan 23:59hrs

Download the problem statements here.

Have you ever wondered how codes work behind the scenes from the machine level? 

If your answer is YES, then register for this event ! You will surely enjoy and learn.

Code JAM

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CodeJAM starts today (31 JAN, 2.00pm): please visit and for more details

Code JAM will be held on 31st Jan from 2:00 to 7:00 pm

All registered participants should also register on

A technical festival without a coding competition sounds incomplete. Doesn't it!
So here is a chance for everyone to brush up their minds for a challenging programming contest with the freedom of coding in whatever language they want.

FIX! mbit

Do you get frustrated every time you encounter a bug in a software? Think you can do better? This QUARK, pit your analytical and business skills against the best and get paid for it!