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Graviton is an initiative by Quark to reach you in your very own city to propagate & share the enthusiasm for science & technology by organizing various workshops & mock events. A variety of on and off campus workshops are being scheduled.

Robotics, Aeromodelling and Ethical Hacking & Security Testing workshops are being organized in various cities across India through special requests.

Apart from these, Low Power RF Communication Workshop  by VLSI Society of India and DB2 Certification Training Workshop by IBM are scheduled in BITS - Pilani, Goa Campus. To participate in these two workshops, please mail [email protected]

To register for Graviton Series Workshop, Click Here
For Details of the Robotics Workshop, Click Here

Workshops have been scheduled in the following venues:

Robotics Workshop
by Next Sapiens:

BITS - Pilani, Goa Campus : 15-17 October, 2009.
HiTech, Ghaziabad : 30 -31 October, 2009.
RKGIT, Ghaziabad : 31 October - 01 Nov, 2009.
BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus :
22-24 January, 2010.
Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Delhi : 27-28 January, 2010
Rajagiri School of Engineering & Technology : 31 January - 1 February, 2010

More venues coming soon...

Aeromodelling Workshop
by Ansari Wasi:

BITS - Pilani, Goa Campus : 24-31 October, 2009
More venues coming soon...

Ethical Hacking & Security Testing Workshop by NGMA:

BITS Pilani, Goa Campus : 14 Jan - 16 January, 2010
BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus : 25-26 January, 2010
More venues coming soon...

Low Power RF Communication Workshop  by VLSI Society of India

BITS - Pilani, Goa Campus : 23 Jan

DB2 Certification Training Workshop by IBM

BITS - Pilani, Goa Campus : 29 Jan - 31 Jan

If you would like us to organize a workshop in your city or college, get in touch with us...

Prateek Gupta
(+91 98237 93783)
[email protected]
Corporate Affairs, Dept. of Sponsorship and Marketing

Nishant Kakar
(+91 98222 78315)
[email protected]
Member, Quark Controls - 2010