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Tack It

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05/12/2020: Problem statement uploaded


We are back with whole new problem statements and this time its gonna be more tougher.Tack It  is an event based on PRO-E. Companies use Pro/ENGINEER to create a complete 3D digital model of their products.The associativity in Pro/ENGINEER enables users to make changes in the design at any time during the product development process and automatically update downstream deliverables.

Problem Statement

Participants are required to design and assemble a mechanical part using Pro-e in  stipulated time

Event Format

This event is conducted in two rounds .
  • 1st round is an elimination round which is held online where participants will be given a problem statement will be uploaded on the  website and they have to send the solutions to [email protected]
  • 2nd round is an on-campus round where the participants will be asked to solve a design related problem which will be given on the spot.


A)   General

  • A team can have a maximum of 3 students.
  • A student can represent only one team and cannot be a part of more than team .
  • Any number of teams can participate from the same college.

B)   Event Rules

       Round 1 (ongoing):

  • Answers to the question must be sent in .txt format.
  • Design model must be sent in strictly in ”.prt “ format.
  • A team can send only one entry.

Part A:

Answer the following questions and send it in “.txt” format.


  1. Which command is used to create a feature by joining two or more planar sections at their edges to form a continuous feature?
  2. Which feature is used to create a fillet between the surfaces?
  3. What is the rotational value range in the rotational blend?
  4. __________ are defined as thin wall-like structures used to bind the joints together so that they do not fail under an increased load.
  5. A __________ hole is a stepped hole and has two diameters, a larger one and a smaller one.

Part B:

Design model must be sent in strictly in ”.prt “ format.

Question 1:

Question 2:

      Round 2:

  •  Rules of this round will be given on the spot.    

Judging criteria:

Round 1:

  • Elimination will be based on correct answers to the questions and the number of steps used in design problem.

Round 2:

  • Each complete feature is assigned with points which are specified in the problem statement.
  • In case of a tie time of completion and number of steps used to solve the problem is taken into account.

Certification Policy

All the participants will be given a participation certificate. Top three contestants will be given excellance  certificate.From fourth to tenth the contestants are given merit certficates The prize money will be uploaded soon.


For any other queries,contact


Dileep Reddy      Sandeep Singh
+91-9960577393     +91-9960505092