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M^+K^ - Godlike Gaming

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Gamers get ready with your gear. A three day action packed extravaganza awaits you. M^+K^ is the gaming competition of QUARK where gamers from all across India battle it out for the top honors.

In Quark 2008, NVIDIA sponsored the event which hosted 550 gamers from across the nation. It got even bigger in Quark 2009 with more than 700 participants. With the participation of top clans of India (CS - a.t.e., DoTA - Error, AOC - Indus community), M^+K^ is undoubtedly the biggest college gaming festival of India.

M^+K^ in Quark 2010 promises to be bigger and better than ever. With an expected participation of more than 900 people, one cannot afford to miss the action.

With five of the most popular games making up this competition:
1. CounterStrike 1.6 (5v5)
2. AOC 1.0e (4v4)
4. NFS: Most Wanted
5. FIFA 2010
6. CounterStrike 1v1
there couldn't be a better stage for dedicated gamers and enthusiasts.


  1. All India professional CS clan 3GP has confirmed its participation in the event.

  2. Indus Society of AOC players will be coming yet again to grace the event.

  3. India's best dota clans 3GP and A+E will be in for battle this time...

More updates to follow.. keep checking the site...



Need For Speed™ : Most Wanted v1.3 English Version


Competition Mode: 1 vs. 1.
Game Type : Circuit.
Winning a race: The winner of a race is the first player to complete 3 laps of the circuit course and cross the finish line. At the end of each match, players must maintain the final screens and receive confirmation from a referee.
The use of Porsche GT and BMW M3 is NOT allowed.


  1. Visual Upgrades are allowed.
  2. Part, Performance (Pro, Super Pro, Ultimate) are allowed; Junkman is not allowed.
  3. Personal save files are NOT allowed.
  4. Cars may be tuned before racing each course.

Race Mode Options : Circuit

  1. Track Direction : Forward
  2. LAPS : 3
  3. N20 : On
  4. Collision Detection : No
  5. Performance Matching : On

Courses: Diamond, Dunwich Bay, Heritage Heights, Bay Bridge, East Park.
(Each Course may be modified by the MATKA organizing committee. New courses may also be added.)


  1. Units : Player’s own discretion.
  2. Car Damage : Off
  3. Rearview Mirror: Player’s own discretion.

(Any disconnection of the connection between match players due to System, Network, PC, and/or Power problems/issues)
Intentional: Upon judgment by the referee, any offending player will be charged with a loss by forfeit.
Unintentional: If the disconnection is deemed to be unintentional by the referee, the match will be restarted. If any player does not agree to a match restart, that player will lose by default.

Unfair Play:

  1. Use of any Cheat program
  2. Intentional disconnection
  3. Use of any settings exceeding standard and permitted settings
  4. If the match is disrupted due to unnecessary chatting, the player may be given a warning or lose by default at the referee’s sole discretion.

Upon discovery of any player committing any violations regarded as unfair play, that player will be disqualified from the tournament.
During the course of any match, the operations staff and/or referee may determine other actions to be unfair play at any time.Two warnings constitute being disqualified from the tournament.

These rules are subject to modification in the following aspects:

  • Use of most recent patch/version release of each official game within the MATKA organizing committee’s own discretion.
  • In-game settings and required factors necessitated by use of most recent patch version/release.
  • Cheat Protection Program release and/or cheat protection functions.



Half-Life®: Counter-Strike™ 1.6

Game Version: Counter-Strike : 1.6


  1. Competition Method : 5 vs. 5 (Team Play, 5 players per team)
  2. Rounds: 20 rounds: 10 rounds as Terrorists and 10 rounds as Counter-Terrorists per team in first and second rounds of the tourney. 30 rounds:15 rounds as Terrorists and 15 rounds as Counter-Terrorists per team in quarters,semis and finals of the tournament.
  3. Number of maps: Only 1 map in first,second,and quarters of the tourney. 3 maps will be played in semis and finals of the tourney.
  4. Victory Condition: 11 rounds in first 2 rounds of tourney. 16 rounds in quarters,semis and finals.
  5. Round Time: 1 minute 45 seconds.
  6. C4timer: 35 seconds
  7. Freezetime: 15 seconds
  8. Selection of MAP , SIDE (counter terrorists or terrorists) will be decided by coin toss.
  9. In the case of a tie after regulation, 6 extra rounds will be played(3 rounds as Terrorists / 3 rounds as Counter-Terrorists per team)
  10. Extra Round restart money: $10,000
  11. In the case of a re-tie after 6 extra rounds as stated above, 6 more extra rounds will be played until the tie is broken.
  12. Official Maps: De_Dust2, De_Inferno, De_Nuke, De_Train
  13. Only team leaders are allowed to use public in-game messages (messagemode1) within a match. The rule also applies when dead. Use of messagemode1 by any member other than the team leader shall result in a warning. Other team members must only use team message (messagemode2), while in a match.

 Approved Grenade Amounts Per Round

  • Flashbangs: 2
  • Grenades: 1
  • Smoke Grenades: 1

 Unfair Practices Subject to Penalty

  • Team members may communicate verbally if they are alive in the match or when all team members are dead.
  • The player is deemed dead when the screen is completely faded to black. If a bug occurs and the screen doesn’t fade to black, the player is deemed dead three seconds after he/she has fallen.
  • Any player who has died cannot communicate by ANY means (No gesture or verbal communication will be allowed) with any other team member or opponent until the beginning of the next round.
  • If a player continues to communicate after he/she is killed, the team may be given a warning or lose by default at the referee’s sole discretion.
  • Boosting (stepping on top of own team player) is allowed in play.
  • Binding Duck to scroll wheel is not allowed.
  • C4 must be installed at a viewable location. Installing C4 at a location where a boost is required is allowed.
  • Silent C4 installation is considered bug play. Such an offense may result in a warning or loss of all remaining TR rounds at the sole discretion of the board of referees.
  • Throwing grenades over buildings in all maps are allowed.
  • Any use of the flash bang bug will result in a warning at the minimum or loss by default for the offending team.
  • All cheat programs , Use of map bugs in play will result in a warning or lose by default at the referee’s sole discretion.


DOTA - Defense of the Ancients

Game Version: v6.64or the latest Stable Map available at the time of the tournament that the organizers deem fit.

Version: Warcraft III Frozen Throne expansion set 1.24b or latest.

Competition Method: 5 vs 5.

Game Mode: Captain Mode & Observer Info (-CMOI)

Tournament Structure:

  • Match Winner: The team that completely destroys the opponent's Ancient or if the opponent Team surrenders.

The match will begin with a coin toss and winner of the coin toss will get to choose:

  1. Sentinel/Scourge side of the map or
  2. Draft order (1st/2nd pick)

The side that losses in the coin toss can choose the latter.


Two substitute players are allowed for each team. The substitute players are not allowed to play for other teams during the course of the tournament.

Game Play


  1. Sharing of item is allowed as long as the game permits.
  2. Gamers not allow to suicide to pass "Divine Rapier" intentionally.
  3. Sharing control is allowed.

Item Limitation: There is item limitation on not more than 2 Guinsoo’s and not more than 2 Orchid’s per team.

Backdoor: Backdooring is allowed.

Hero Limitation:There is no hero limitation or restriction whatsoever.

Abuses & Exploitation:

  • Hero Trapping (Warning or Game Loss): Intentionally trapping enemies into trees or holes is not allowed.
  • Pause/Resume Abuse (Warning or Game Loss): You may pause at the beginning of the game for tunneling the host and to wait everyone to arrive (maximum of 3 minutes). If the 3 minutes passed, then you must resume and do the hero drafts. From this point on pausing without any valid reason is disallowed. Resuming the game without the other team confirming that they are ready is not allowed either. Teams that are constantly pausing or resuming to ruin the game will receive a game loss. If someone pauses the game without a valid reason will receive a warning.
  • Creep Blocking (Warning or Game Loss): Creep blocking permanently is not allowed but creep slowing/delay or luring is allowed. It is not allowed to block creeps with the help of spells, such as fissure, sprout etc. it is only allowed to use the hero model to intercept with creeps (accidental blocks are okay, as long as the fissure - for example - was directed at an opposing hero).
  • Base Entrance Blocking (Warning or Game Loss):  It's not allowed to block the base entrance for defensive purpose with the help of spells, such as fissure (accidental blocks are okay, as long as the fissure - for example - was directed at an opposing hero)
  • Bugs Exploitation (Warning, Game Loss or Disqualification): No Exploitation of any known old or new bug discovered during game play. No excuses will be entertained. Ignorance is not an excuse. Participants/Teams are expected to know what these bugs are. Participants/teams that experience any abnormal game play are advised to inform the marshal on duty immediately.

Definition of "bugs”:

  1. Anything abnormal which will give a player/team an unfair advantage.
  2. Anything which will cause interruption/fatal error to the game.

Winning Condition:

  1. Completely destroy the tree or the throne of the opponents' team.
  2. Should any team choose to concede/surrender in the midst of the game, an auto win will be awarded to the other respective team.
  3. Should any accumulated 3 warnings in the course of the tournament, an auto win will be awarded to the other respective team.
  4. Should any unexpected circumstances of the game happens, the final winning decision will be made by the head marshals of the tournament.

General Rules

Setup and Configuration

  1. Teams will be given 5 minutes to warm up before the match starts.
  2. No non-standard game settings or third party applications that affect game play may be used. Only the usage or Warkeys is allowed to be used at your own preference.
  3. Teams being caught using either will be punished at the game marshal's discretion.
  4. Replays of each match will be required by every team. In the event of disputes, the tournament marshal may need to review a particular match replayThe result will be finalized if there are no disputes within the 10 minutes after the game has ended.
  5. Participants of the tournament should be well-aware of the scheduled time slot of the tournament as teams would be entitled to claim a default win for the match if the opposing team doesn't show up for the match 15 minutes after the scheduled time.

Personal Equipment:

  1. Players are encouraged to bring their own gaming equipment but will be required to provide the drivers on a thumb drive for installation if needed.
  2. The organizer will not be held responsible for any fault / damage arising to the installation.
  3. The organizer will not be responsible to provide full equipment to the participants

Disconnections & Save Game Process:

  1. Competing teams are advised to save their games as frequently depending on the necessity as the game progresses  advisable at every 5 minutes.
  2. Competing teams are advised to save after first blood or after any major battle in the progress of the game under the agreement of both competing teams.
  3. Competing teams must bear all responsibility in saving the game throughout the tournament.
  4. The game marshal/ organizer will not be responsible should any participating teams fails to obtain a save file should a PC error or crash occurs.
  5. In the event of any disconnection for the first 5 minutes of the game. The match will be restarted. However, if "First Blood" has occured, there will be no remakes.
  6. In the event of any disconnection after 5 minutes of game play, the match will be reloaded from the saved game file.
  7. In the event a save file is lost, the game marshal holds all power pass verdict on who is the winner of the match depending on:
    Each heroes 1 kills
    Level 1 tower 2 kills
    Level 2 tower 3 kills
    Level 3 tower 4 kills
    Level 4 tower 5 kills
    Aegis 1 kills
    Barracks 5 kills
  8. Should a match be restarted due to 5 minutes game play disconnection, all players must pick the same heroes & proceed to same starting lane with default items as before disconnection occurred. On initial creep contact, players may choose to switch lanes.

Sportsmanship Conduct & Bugs Exploitation:

  1. Gamers must report to the registration counter 30 minutes before the match. Participants who are late for more than 10 minutes will be disqualified. No dispute or whatsoever will be entertained.
  2. Abusive behavior towards the organizer/game marshal/ opponent team will result in a warning. No foul language and abusive/racial behavior will be tolerated in the course of the tournament.
  3. Bugs Exploitation: No Exploitation of any known old or new bug discovered during play. Explanations like "exploiting/activating the bug unknowingly", "we had no idea this bug existed" or similar excuses will not be entertained. Participants are required to update themselves with the latest competing tournament rules.

The following rules are subject to modification in the following aspects:

  1. Use of most recent patch/version release of each official game within the tournament's organizing committee's own discretion.
  2. Changes to in-game settings and options necessitated by the use of most recent patch version/release.
  3. Cheat Protection Program release and/or cheat protection functions.
  4. Game settings and/or operations guidelines dictated by differences between online and LAN Tournament.

Teams are responsible to check the rules on a regular basis and prior to every match to ensure they are in complete compliance. Teams must understand that rules listed are guidelines to ensure fair and competitive play and are subject to interpretation by the marshals based on the spirit of the game.


FIFA: 10

  • The participants are entitled to use any team from the catalogue of teams in the Fifa 10 roster, with the updates patch installed. Participants can also change their team after the first leg.
  • All the matches will be knockout from round one of the competition up till the quarterfinals. The last 8 will be drawn into a two pools through a random draw. The topper of the pools will be playing the final.
  • Each half will be of 10 minutes with the difficulty level World Class, and 7 substitutes on the bench.
  • The matches will be played over two legs, with the host changing from one to the other i.e. Home players is the Host. The aggregate score of both the legs will decide who goes through to the next round.
  • The first leg of the match will end at the 90 minute mark, irrespective of the score line. EXTRA TIME will NOT be played in case the match ends in a draw.
  • In case the aggregate score is a tie over both the player with the most away goals wins the match; in case the away goals scored are the same then the match will go into extra time after the second leg and subsequently into penalties if the score remains same.
  • In case of disconnection, the match will be restarted by the same host and will be played only up till the time that was lost due to disconnection.
  • Players cannot quit the game abruptly; this will lead to immediate disqualification.

Participants are advised to set the match to NIGHT MODE and to use only one of the following stadiums to avoid lags and other glitches

  • Camp Nou
  • Santiago Bernabeu
  • Old Trafford
  • Amsterdam Arena
  • Emirates Stadium

In case of any discrepancies please inform the person incharge immediately.



Half-Life®: Counter-Strike™ 1.6 (1V1)

Game Version: Counter-Strike : 1.6


  • Competition Method: 1 vs 1
  • Victory Condition: May be raised to 11 or 16 or 25 depending on the organizers convenience.
  • freezetime: 0 seconds
  • Official Map: aim_map
  • Selection of SIDE (counter terrorists or terrorists) for the entire match will be decided by coin toss.
  • Binding Duck to scroll wheel is not allowed.
  • All cheat programs in play will result in a warning or lose by default at the referee’s sole discretion.
  • IF DISCONNECTION OCCURS DURING MATCH : Score of the match before diconnection will be taken into account and the match will resume thereafter.
  • If a player does not agree to any rules, he can express his protest to a referee before the completion of a match.    Any   intentional refusal to connect to the   match server can result in a default loss for that player with the decision to      be made at the sole discretion of the referee.
  • If a rematch is decided by the Organizer,the player that does not follow this decision will be subject to disqualification.


Age Of Conquerors 1.0e

General Rules

  1. There will be one representative from each Clan, he ensures all players are given information about the match and have to turn up in time for the match. In case of any delay they will be aptly informed before.
  2. Server can be hosted from any of the players comp, AEM will be spectating the match to ensure all is fine.
  3. Players not a part of the 2 teams will not be allowed to spectate the match/allowed inside the room.
  4. All players must join the server 10 minutes prior to the mentioned time.
  5. All players must join the server with AOE1.0E version.
  6. All players must join the server with the clan name followed by nick. All must use the nicks given for registration only.
  7. Clan leaders should give us the details of their home maps chosen and the civilizations of their clan members before the server is hosted. No changes in maps or civilizations will be allowed later. No two players can choose the same civilization.
  8. No fight for colours allowed in the server. Colour changes will only be allowed if the player who gets it when joined in the server agrees.
  9. The game will be saved for every 20 minutes.
  10. If a player gets disconnected before first 20 minutes the game will be restarted.
  11. After 20 minutes the game will be restored.
  12. If the game goes on till 2hrs the team with high average score wins the game.
  13. Players should mention before pausing the game. Game should be unpaused only after the both clan leaders confirm all players are ready
  14. Maximum of 10 pauses are allowed for each team.
  15. Clans can chose their home maps from standard map style or custom map style (namely land nomad, green arabia and michi)
  16. No Villi fight before TC is up in Land Nomad.

Settings of the maps are going to be as follows:
Game        -    Random map
Map style    -    Standard or Custom (namely land nomad, green arabia and michi)
Location        -    map chosen
Size         -    8 player or 4 player or  2 player (depending upon 4v4 or 2v2 o r  1v1 )
Difficulty     -    Standard
Resources    -    Standard
Population     -    200
Game speed    -    Normal
Reveal map    -    Normal
Starting age     -    Standard
Victory         -    Conquest
Teams together, Lock teams, Lock speed, Record game.
The rules for the rounds in the tourney will be announced after registration.

Pools will be made once the registrations are over, and put up based on ratings predecided. Depending in the no of clans regestring, pools will be made.


  1. There will be a home map chosen by each clan playing the semis.
  2. In case both the maps are won by a single clan, then they advance to the finals.
  3. If both the clans win one map each, then the 3rd map will be chosen by the DEM. The winner of the third map will advance to the finals.


  1. There will be ONE home map for each clan. It can be same or different as that in the semis.
  2. First, there will be a 4v4 between both the clans. This will be followed by a 2v2. Finally there will be 1v1.
  3. A team has to win atleast 3 of the 5 rounds mentioned above to win the title.
  4. The map for the 2nd and 3rd stage of the final will be chosen by the DEM.
  5. The general rules apply for each of the levels of the tournament .

Any issue in the room will be resolved by the DEM and in any case the decision of DEM will be final.


Event Managers

Sachin Chowdhary


Ankit Dua


Arun Gautham


Vinay Varma


Naveen Reddy