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Code JAM

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CodeJAM starts today (31 JAN, 2.00pm): please visit and for more details

Code JAM will be held on 31st Jan from 2:00 to 7:00 pm

All registered participants should also register on


A technical festival without a coding competition sounds incomplete. Doesn't it!
So here is a chance for everyone to brush up their minds for a challenging programming contest with the freedom of coding in whatever language they want.

This year we are planning to host the Code JAM on Stay tuned for more updates about the event!

Code chef, A "Directi" initiative, is India's first non-commercial platform to promote programming through online coding competiton, which are held monthly in more than 35 different programmming languages. It not only provides an arena for practice and learning but also gives the programmers a chance to compete with their peers from all over the corners.

Advantages of the event:

  •  A purely online programming event in which you can participate from anywhere across the nation.
  • Freedom to use any one of the 35 popular programming languages shortlisted by CodeChef team, including C, C++, Java, Perl and more!
  • It's based on the conventional (& popular) Online Judge platform, which allows instant evaluation of code and constructive feedback (Succeeded/Time limit exceeded/Memory limit exceeded etc.)

Structure of the Event:

There be only one online round.

The problem statements will be put online and the participants would be expected to submit their answers on the site, either by uploading their code file on the site or by using the codechef site interface to submit them.The participants will be given around 5 hours for the given set of problem statements. In the given time they'll be expected to give as many correct answers as possible.

Judging Criteria:

The evaluation of the answers will be based as per the following criteria:-
Number of correct solutions submitted in the given time. In case of tie, team completing same number of solutions earlier wins.

Team Specification:

  • The participants would be expected to register individually on the official site of Quark 2010 and also on the codechef site.
  • The participants can register from anywhere.

Rules for participation:

All the general rules of codechef codejam would be followed.

On the codechef site the participants will also be able to access the practice problems and even check their answers.
They can even go through the tutorials given on the site for specific topics.
Also a monthly newsletter would be sent to all the registered participants describing all about the upcoming competitions on codechef including our event in Quark.

More on:


Event Managers:

Malvika Paul

+91 919881862532

[email protected]


Abhijith Reddy

+91 919923043810

Programmers' InQ Panel Coordinator:

Shashank Todwal
Computer Science/ Information Systems Panel Coordinator
Quark 2010

+91 9881472930
[email protected]