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Programmers' Inc



Programmers' Inc, the series of events in Quark 2012 related to the cyberspace, which , today is the framework of almost everything we see. It promises to not only be breathtaking in its simplicity and its content, but also a source for the best Tech minds of the country to fight it out in a forum that is truly fitting to the genius of today’s tech-savvy youth.


Ever lost in a coding lecture wondering how complicated arrays, linked lists, recursion concepts make the world simpler?

Well, it happens! If your zeal drives you to see the purpose of what you code, then this is the right place!!

CODEQUEST gives you an insight into the applicability of the concepts that are learnt. It tests your ability to see through the problem and efficiently apply the concepts.

We invite all the enthusiasts to participate in this fun-filled event. Compete with the best programmers of the nation and get to know the depth of your understanding of coding!!

Round 1 starts! Some important points to be noted before attempting and submitting the answers


NOTE: Those who couldn't participate in ROUND1 - SET1 can participate in ROUND1 - SET2.

Geek N Latin


Bored of coding in the high level programming languages? Want to try something new?

Enter the world of Brainfuck and Whirl!!  A world where you don’t need to remember endless keywords, functions and where just a small set of operators will help you reach your destination.

Here, you’re given an opportunity to think out of the box and to solve any problem in an innovative way!
If u want to have fun while coding come and be a part of Geek N Latin!

Check out the details and rules sections for important information.


Round 1 Results:

There have been certain changes in the results of Round 1.

The 8 teams selected from Round 1 of Geek N Latin are:





With the bewildering variety of application ecosystems like App Store, Android Market and the Ovi Store thriving and competing, each boasting of hundreds of millions of apps, standing out in the crowd has never been more difficult. Being marketable is one thing, standing the test of the markets quite another. Considering this pressure to perform in the market, very few apps can boast of having, a sense of positive purpose to lean on. Very few apps can pass this test, and at the same time, attract enough attention to be of any benefit to the society. This is where you come in- unleash your creative juices to code the one app that will do just that, and what’s more, get paid for it too!

Build an android application which addresses a social/economic problem and also has an underlying sustainable business model to make profits.

Prizes worth Rs. 25,000.00 to be won!

Event has begun.
Current Round: GUI Designing (Round 2 Stage 1)
Deadline: 7/1/2020 - soft deadline | 8/1/2020 - hard deadline
You may find the tentative timeline here
To submit your GUI, send the apk of your app to applification at bits-quark dot org with the subject "<Team ID> <Idea Name>" and the attachment "<Team ID> <Idea Name>.apk". If you want to give us some info on how to use your app, include it in the body of the email.
The following are the teams selected for Round 2 in the decreasing order of impressiveness of the pitch (slide deck):
  • eduPort (Team 694)

  • CarManager Alarm System (Team 67)

  • G-Suvadu (Team 757)

  • Si-In (Team 611)

  • Vaccine-Help (Team 669)

  • Professional Accountability Index (Team 657)