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Sindbad The Sailor

In this event the participants are expected to design a boat which runs on a chemical reaction i.e. the engine of the boat uses a chemical reaction to provide the necessary thrust. It is quite essential for the team to design a control system also as both control and propulsion of the boat are taken into account.

Prizes worth INR 8,000 to be won.




The main objective of this event is to build a boat in the most stream lined manner and to propel it using only chemical reactions or processes.

The event is divided into 2 main rounds:

Round 1:

This round is specifically designed to test drag force and stream lining of the boat made.

1. The boat participating will be towed form the starting point using a system of pulleys and weights (250gm) for the entire length of the arena as shown in this figure.

2. The time for crossing the stretch of water will be noted and the best 15 timed boats will proceed to the next round.

Round 2:

1. In this round the Pulley system will be removed and the boat will be self-propelled using only chemical reactions or processes.( NOT Battery). No other power is allowed for propulsion of the boat.

2. If a boat touches the boundary of the tank a point will be deducted from final tally.

3. Control systems can be designed to ensure the boat doesn’t touch the boundary.

4. Control systems for steering the path can be of actuators /motors and electrically or mechanically controlled.

5. Judges should be convinced that the control systems is used only for steering purposes and not for propelling the boat in tank.

6. Time for crossing the length will be noted and calculated with the weight of the boat according to a given formula for points and penalties if any will be deducted from it to give the final tally .

About the boat :

Boat specifications:

1. The boat must be within the dimension of (min. 15cm to max. 30cm) in length and (min 7cm to max 20cm) in breadth.

2. Boat should be self-propelled using only chemical reactions or processes.( NOT Battery). No other power is allowed for propulsion of the boat.

<3. Boats are allowed to be controlled by motors and rudders electronically or mechanically.

4. In case of wired link the wire must be slack at every instant of the trial and must come out from the highest point of the boat.

5. The boat must have a hook attached in front of it to tow it in the 1st round.



In case you want to use any other control system, you MUST first confirm with the coordinators if the use of the system is permitted or not.


Team Specifications:

Minimum : 1 members
Maximum : 4 members

Judging Criteria





The dimensions of arena are 3.5m x .5m x.5m and will be filled with water




If you have any query, please send an e-mail to [email protected] or get in touch with any one of us:

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