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To bring out the electronic enthusiast in you, Electrify presents a collection of events ...As someone wisely said,"The new rules of Electronics - Build it and plug it - If it sparks, unplug it - If it smokes, turn it off - If it heats up, check it, and plug it back - Don't be afraid of trying something new."... Come design and discover...



Prizes worth Rs.15000 up for grabs!! Register your team at the earliest!!


Is Binary your second language?

Always had a soft corner for electronics?

Working with a Breadboard is like child’s play?

Burned more ICs than you can count?

Counters, MUXs, Decoders, Adders and Flip-Flops are a delight to your eyes?

Well, It’s time to start making use of those grey cells of yours and have fun at the same time. Think outside the box and come up with insanely new ways to get things done. Play around with Zeners, Schottkys and TTLs. Set (….and Reset) yourself up for the challenge. Digital Electronics would have never been this much fun.


Digital Inciso



                                                                                                           Winners will reap prizes worth 15000 INR!!Hurry Up Now!!!

Always been fascinated by how stuff works? Love getting to the core of things to figure 'em out? Itching to use your theoretical knowledge to real life applications? Well, then this Quark, we bring to you Digital Inciso, where the brightest in the country engage in a skirmish of codes. We'll keep your heads scratching as you test your mettle in digital design and architecture using Verilog. Are you ready to take on the

Problem Statement for the online round is up! Check it out NOW!

Results for the first round of Digital Inciso are out. Click here. Selected participants must check their emails for details of Round 2.

q Contacto

Problem Statement for ROUND 2 has been updated !!!

Prizes worth INR 20,000 can be yours for the taking!

Maximum number of participants allowed has been increased to 4.


Perhaps, it’s all about the touch. Literally, in fact, as if you give a quick scan around, chances are that most devices near you will feature that great innovation – a touch-screen. HP brought it to the market, Apple immortalized it, and we, the consumers, simply can’t stop raving about it. Expect the touch-screen to invade into every aspect of your life, and soon, if the technological advances in that field are anything to go by.  The ways the touch-screen can be used are myriad and are limited only by your imagination and innovation.

Are you ready to do some touching and playing of your own?  In Q Contacto, we bring you the chance to prove your mettle with this fine invention, while trying to achieve that fine synergy between different devices such that they do your bidding.

The basic task would be to interface your resistive touch-screen with a microcontroller successfully. The first round will involve reading characters and figures (straight-lines only) from the touch-screen surface. Those skilled enough to pass through the first phase will find more daunting tasks in the second and third round, replacing those simple straight lines with more thought-provoking patterns . You might also be asked to configure your touch-screen – microcontroller assembly to perform some control-related tasks (such as motor speed control) after receiving the specified input, which has to be correctly identified.

Exciting prizes await the victors of this battle. Prizes worth INR 20,000 can be yours for the taking! So this Quark, go ahead, give this contest your best touch.