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Prizes worth INR 60,000

When fuel guzzling speed demons hit the track here at Quark 2012, maneuvering their way through dirt,rock and more,via whacky turns and tempting straights, through obstacles meanand along a tricky track,the game just raised its level…

So get your cars to the line, Fireup your engines,hit the gas and nail those drifts square into tantalizing bends,conquer obstacles on your way to becoming India’s top model ic car driver….In the wild show out there,the fastest rider wins!..At this edition of Burnout,its all about precise control of machine and maniac..


When fuel guzzling speed demons hit the
track here at Quark 2011, maneuvering their way through
dirt,rock and more,via whacky turns and tempting straights,
through obstacles meanand along a tricky track,the game
just raised its level… 






 Prizes worth INR 60,000


Problem Statement

BURNOUT is an RC car event which will be held in 2 rounds with each team participating in

both the rounds.

These rounds will judge the RC car in 4 different aspects :

1. Suspension System

2. Driving Skills

3. Power

4. Speed

5.Cooling system

Event Description

Round 1 - Drag race

This round will take place on a straight track which will not contain any obstacle.Participants just need to make the car run as fast as possible. This round will only decide the starting position of the cars for the next round.

Round 2 - Track Race

In this round RC cars of the participants will be made to race on a random shaped track. The track will contain obstacles. This track will test the suspension, driving skill and the cooling system of the RC car. However, cooling system is not a necessity for the event but it is advised to prevent overheating of the engine. As the track will be long and will contain a number of laps, hence participants may need to refuel their cars during the race.

Machine specifications

1. The machine should fit in a box of dimensions 800 mm x 600 mm x 600 mm (l x b x h) at any moment of time during the race. The radio controller which is used to control the machine is not included in the size constraint.

2. The machine should be controlled by a wireless remote control mechanism throughout the race.

3. The machine may be roughly classified into structural and functional parts:

Functional parts - Gears, differential gear, engine, springs, shock absorbers, servo motors (non-propulsion purposes only), batteries, wheels and wheel hubs

Structural parts - Chassis, steering mechanism, shock towers and suspension (excluding upper suspension arm, suspension spring and shock absorbers)

For each structural part that the participants fabricate, they will be awarded 20 bonus points in the first round.

4. The tires used must have a minimum diameter of 2.5 inches. You are advised to use tyres of good width for better performance on dirt tracks.

5. Wheel Hub: Any part rigidly attached to the wheel hub will be considered as a part of it and hence can be ready-made.

6. If there are parts used in the concerned joint which are neither rigidly connected with the suspension, the steering system or the hub, ready-made parts from the market may be used.

Propulsion and steering

1. The machine must use only mechanical power generated by an internal combustion (IC) engine for propulsion. Only one IC engine should be used in the machine. Use of any other sources such as chemicals, compressed gas, rockets etc. is not allowed.

2. Any machine which uses DC Motors for propulsion will be disqualified. However DC motors and servos can be used for steering mechanisms or any other control mechanisms apart from propulsion.

3. The machine must have an on-board power supply to run any mechanism requiring electric power.

4. The maximum allowed capacity of IC engine to be used is 4.6 cc (i.e. Participants can also use 2.5 cc, 3 cc, 3.5 cc or any other IC engine lower in capacity).

5. The electric voltage anywhere in the machine should not exceed 12V at any point of time.

6. There shall be a countdown preceding the start of the race. No participant is allowed to touch the machine during the countdown period.

7. Providing a clutch mechanism between the engine and the wheel would prove useful, as it would prevent the engine from dying out at any stage of the race.

8. Participants are advised to use a proper cooling mechanism to prevent overheating of the engine.

9. Participants can use sway bars for better control and stability.

10. The participants are advised to use proper air filters as dirt might cause serious problems to the engine.

11. Readymade wheels are allowed.

12. The machine will be inspected and if found to be dangerous, the team will be disqualified. This decision rests solely with the judges and the organizers.



Prizes worth INR 60,000

Game rules 

1. Each team will have to take part in both rounds. There will be no qualification round.

2. In first round  if the machine goes out of the arena at any instance, a penalty of 10 points will be imposed on that team and  the timer(wherever applicable) shall continue running.

3. The machines are not allowed to leave any loose parts or any other part in the track or in the arena. Any machine disintegrating during either of the rounds will be disqualified.


1. Any team that is not ready at the specified time shall be disqualified automatically.

2. The teams must adhere to the spirit of healthy competition. Judges reserve the right to disqualify any team indulged in misbehaviour.

3. Judges decision shall be final and binding on all.

4. The organizers reserves the right to change any or all of the above rules as they deem fit. Change in rules if any will be highlighted in the website and will be notified to the registered participants.

Team Specifications:

Minimum : 1 members
Maximum : 5 members

Judging Criteria

Prizes worth INR 60,000

The participants will be divided into groups of 4 before the start of the event. Each team will take part in both rounds

 Round 1


Drag race

  • This round will be the qualifying round for the round 2 and will decide the starting position of the cars in the second round.
  • Four teams will be on the track at a time.
  • The timings for all the teams will be noted.
  • According to the timings the teams will be awarded points to decide the starting position of the teams.The point system is as follows


1 150
2 120
3 75
4 45

Round 2

Track race

  • In this round 4 cars will be made to race against each other with their starting position decided in the previous round.
  • Each team will race with other participants from the same group.  The bottom 2 teams from each group will be eliminated and the remaining teams will qualify for the next stage of this round. ( Each group will have a minimum of 4 teams )
  • The teams qualified for the next stage will be again divided into groups and the same procedure will be followed until we get top 4 teams.
  • The top 4 teams will be made to race again and finally the winners of the event will be decided.

Note : The number of stages in this round will depend on the number of teams participating in the event.



Prizes worth INR 60,000

Here are some resources given for your help .

  1. IC Engine
  2. Suspension
  3. Chassis building and steering mechanism
  4. List of RC car dealers



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