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Tamer Nakisci





The mind behind the shape-shifting concept phone NOKIA 888, Tamer Nakisci is a Turkish industrial designer. The young designer has represented Istanbul at the Creativity Forum held in Brussels in the scope of  2009 European Innovation and Creativity Year by ranking among the European Union’s “Europe’s 100 Young Creative Talents”. His ideas and dreams are defined as “innovative, emotional and futuristic” and are brought to life in the striking forms of his designs.

Tamer Nakisci started his design career at Fiat Advanced Design Concept Lab – Milan, in 2004. He drew the world’s attention by winning the international award at the Nokia Benelux Design Awards with ‘Nokia888’, a revolutionary form-changing mobile device. 

His other renowned works include smartground, a combination of outdoor games with the digital age, loop, relax and rush, his exquisite collection of table ware, linea, concept elevator design where floors are represented by lines rather than numbers; circomobile, envisions a modular automobile system where the seats, roof, doors, console rotate around the circular base; Life , modular temporary housing system designed to be used in a wide range of scenarios; and multiplay, carpet syatem where one can customize one’s carpet by changing shape, colour.

His belief of ‘ideas for today and dreams for tomorrow’ enthrals the audience in Quark ’12.

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