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With the bewildering variety of application ecosystems like App Store, Android Market and the Ovi Store thriving and competing, each boasting of hundreds of millions of apps, standing out in the crowd has never been more difficult. Being marketable is one thing, standing the test of the markets quite another. Considering this pressure to perform in the market, very few apps can boast of having, a sense of positive purpose to lean on. Very few apps can pass this test, and at the same time, attract enough attention to be of any benefit to the society. This is where you come in- unleash your creative juices to code the one app that will do just that, and what’s more, get paid for it too!

Build an android application which addresses a social/economic problem and also has an underlying sustainable business model to make profits.

Prizes worth Rs. 25,000.00 to be won!

Event has begun.
Current Round: Popularity Round (Round 3)
Ends on: 3rd February, 2012
You may find the tentative timeline here
The following are the teams selected for Round 4 - The Final Round!!





CarManager Alarm System


Professional Accountability Index





Theme: Social Impact

  • Fight against corruption
  • Education for Everyone
  • Women Rights
  • Other

  • You will receive updates via mail/the website.
  • You must target the Android 2.2 Platform.
  • The app may be phone or tablet only or both.
  • You may also use supporting resources for your app – for instance a website, a mail server or the cloud. That being said, your app must be a prominent part of the entire scheme.
  • Further elaboration on the theme is provided at the end of this document
  • Teams selected from the prototype round, kindly make arrangements to reach the campus as you are selected for the final round too.

The entire competition consists of the following rounds:

I.  Idea Submission Stage

  • You are required to submit your idea in this slide deck format -
  • [Optional] Your previous work –apps for android – this will increase the likelihood of you getting selected for the next round
  • [Optional] 1 minute footage to show why your idea is the next big thing – your promo video.

II. Prototype Submission (3 Stages of Submission)

  • First Stage – You submit the functional GUI of your application (functionality can be replaced with dummy text/dialogs)
  • Second Stage – Submit your app with half the features you have mentioned must be implemented (you choose which features you want to implement at this stage)
  • Third Stage – First complete prototype (Known bugs must be documented)
  • Teams selected after this round qualify for the final round too.

III.  Popularity Round

  • Here you will be given a medium (either on android market or our own site) to gather votes, downloads and comments from your users. Their feedback and the popularity of your app will be factored in, in the final judgment
  • This time is best utilized to understand your target audience and make refinements to your application

 IV. Final Presentation

  • This will be an on-campus round where you will be given a time slot to present your entire business idea and a working app.
  • The judges and other participants will have an opportunity to question you after your presentation.
Note: You may choose to mention a feature and implement it in the future, but you should be able to convince the judges of your ability to do so at the final presentation (possibly by a partial implementation or implementation of a similar feature).

Theme (contd):
 Here we cite some example apps and/or the kind of lines to think upon.
  • Fight against corruption
      o    Take a photo of potholes, strewn garbage, etc and tag it on google map so that the local municipality can tackle them easily
      o    Provide easy avenues to file government complaints
      o    Provide a medium of accountability between contractors and the trustees/ the government (which pays them)
      o    Report Corruption as it happens
  • Education for Everyone
     o   For example:
     o    Remote teaching and assistance.
  • Women Rights
     o    To prevent female foeticide.
     o    To prevent violence against women.
     o    Prevention of child marriage.
  • Other

     o    Mobile Medical Aid.

     o    Crime Reporting.

     o    Emergency Alarm Systems.

     o    Disaster Recovery.

     o    Relevant people to contact in govt bodies and procedures to follow.


General Rules

  1. Every team has to register online on our website for the competition. A registration number will be allocated to the team on registration which shall be used for future references.
  2. A team can register at any point of time before the submission deadline for the first round (28th December). They have to submit the abstract and app before the same date.
  3. The decision of judges shall be treated as final and binding on all.
  4. Note that at any point of time the latest information will be that which is on the site. The information provided in the PDFs downloaded earlier may not be the latest. However, registered participants will be informed through mail about any changes on the site.
  5. By submitting content (any digital material)to us, you assert that you have the right to do so and consent to us displaying the same material for the purposes of this competition.
  6. Copying of applications in the public domain (ex: Internet) not made by you and submitting as an entry will lead to disqualification of the team
  7. The organizers and the judges may exercise their rights to add/modify the above rules to make sure the competition is fair.


Any student having a valid identity card of his college can be from India or from Other Countries. 

Certificate Policy

Each team which successfully completes the Stage 1 of Round 2 i.e. GUI submission gets a participation certificate. Teams Reaching the Final On-campus Round receive certificates of excellence.

Team Specifications

The participating entries must be in a team of a maximum of 3 [three] people. If the participating team feels that their idea requires more participants, they can forward their request, with suitable reasons, to applification[at]bits-quark[dot]org with the subject "Applification team number increase".





Team Specifications:

Minimum : 1 members
Maximum : 3 members

Judging Criteria

The app will be judged on the following criteria (not in any particular order)

User Interface :
  • Simple, unobtrusive and easy-to-use UI.
Features  :  
  • Utility and interactivity are the corner stones.
Creativity of solution  :  
  • Innovation and Relevance to the theme
Revenue Model  :  
  • The efficacy of the money earning model they propose.
Practicality  :  
  • Measures taken to ensure that their solution succeeds (or does not fail)
Partnerships with other Organizations  :  
  • Catering to the Corporates.
  • Serving the NGOs.


Slide Deck for the first round -

The following books or similar ones are available on the public domain, google them, else use the following links

Note: If your college has a software sharing portal, DC++, sharing on LAN, FTP, chances are that we have already put these software on them. If not please contact us and we’ll try to make it available soon.
Disclaimer: All these links are available on the public domain hence presumed legal. Kindly report if otherwise.



If you have any query, please send an e-mail to app[email protected], or get in touch with us:


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Event Manager

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