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Why SPONSOR Quark 2012?

  • Association with one of India’s biggest technical festival.
  • Extensive Brand Exposure through direct interaction with attendees viz. students, faculty and corporates.
  • Opportunity to witness some of the best minds in the country showcasing their talent.
  • Enhance corporate interaction to develop new and maintain existing relationships.
  • Improve brand visibility through media presence viz print, online, television,radio, digital partners.



  • Unlike most festivals, Quark is not restricted to a few days. We organize workshops, guest lectures and events all the year round in various colleges all across the country under the Pre- Quark banner.
  • We boast of names like Vic Hayes, Father of Wi-Fi, Chris Csikszentmihályi, Director, MIT Media Lab’s computing culture group, Nobel Laureates Sir Harry Kroto(Chemistry,1996) Prof. Douglas Osheroff (Physics, 1996).
  • We provide a forum to technology enthusiasts from all across the world to share, develop and promote latest technologies in their respective fields.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

We welcome corporates form all industry sectors to associate with one of India's biggest Innovation Festival.

The sponsorship categories offered are:

  • Title Sponsor
  • Associate Title Sponsor
  • Co-Sponsor (Sold)
  • Associate Sponsor 
  • Presenting Sponsor BITS GCon 2012
  • Category Sponsor
  • Aurora (Special Nights) Sponsor
  • Event Sponsor
  • Festival Sponsor
    • Hospitality Partner
    • Media Partner(viz Print, Online, Radio, Television)
    • Technology Partner
    • Beverage Partner
    • Logistics Partner
    • Education Partner
    • Initiatives Partner
    • Green Partner

We would be happy to customize a Marketing Proposal for any organisation partnering with Quark 2012.

Kindly Contact the undersigned for further details.
Advait Tinaikar,
Marketing Head,
Department of Sponsorship and Marketing.
+91 9673995192 | [email protected]

Download the Quark 2012 Marketing Brochure