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Kindly note that On-Campus Accommodation is full. For Off-Campus Accommodation please contact :

Arun | +91 9764057158

Abhinay | +91 9890016862

Srikant | +91 8888083627

or mail to q[email protected]

Note : 

1. The charges for off-campus accomodation will range from INR 150-200 per day per head. 

2. The campus does not hold any responsibilty for Off-Campus Accommodation.

Procedure for getting accommodation :

  1. Register as a user in the site
  2. Register for accommodation (this doesnt mean that ur accommodation is confirmed)
  3. Wait for the confirmation mail (hard copy of this is mandatory for getting accommodation)

Instructions for using the accomodation registration form:

  1. You can register for than one people using your quark profile.
  2. To add more members click on Add quark id and enter quark ids of the members of your team
  3. If you want to register for a single person i.e. you, don't add any quark id. Your id will be automatically added.
  4. Also, while registering for team don't enter your id, it will be added automatically. It is assumed that if you register for accomodation, you are part of the team applying for accomodation.
  5. Enter the number of boys and number of girls in your team in the next fields. (Necessary fields)
  6. Then, Enter your probable in and out timings.
  7. Next, Enter your contact numbers.(Necessary fields)
  8. Now, you get to upload your travel proofs.
  9. You are allowed to upload only a single zip,rar, or 7z file.
  10. So, zip or rar your files into a single archive and then upload.
  11. Very important: File upload size limit is 2MB. Please upload files below size 2 MB.
  12. We accept travel proofs in any digital form.
  13. After registering for accomodation if you feel you need to edit some information, Go to your profile and follow the link below your accomodation information.
  14. However, while editing you don't need to upload a file. Even if you try to upload, it won't upload and display an error message.
  15. You can see if your accommodation has been approved in the approval space in the accomodation information in your profile.

How to reach BITS - Pilani, K. K. Birla Goa Campus?

Nearest railway stations to BITS - Pilani, K. K. Birla Goa Campus are Vasco-da-Gama and Margaon.

You can either hire a taxi/auto anywhere from Vasco, Margaon or Panjim. From Panjim you can take a shuttle service bus from Kadamba Bus Stand (Panjim) to Vasco which run at frequent intervals. It is advisable only if you have less luggage. Buses from Vasco and Margaon also run at regular intervals. Should be preferred only if you have less luggage.

Hire a Pre-Paid / Post-Paid taxi from the Goa Airport to BITS-Pilani, K. K. Birla Goa Campus. Buses are also available from the airport to campus, but should be taken only if you have very less luggage.

On reaching the campus, alight at the Reception Desk. Here you will be given further directions.

NOTE: Depending upon the size of your contingent, we can arrange for a bus to get you to campus(payment basis). Register with the undermentioned people to avail this facility.The same would be confirmed to you after registration.

Accommodation and Food

There will be a separate registration form for availing accommodation. Accommodation  will be provided to all the registered outside participants on payment basis. Accommodation will be provided from the day prior to the fest to the day after.

The various options for food during your stay are the following (on payment basis)

  • Extra eateries put up at the Food Court during the festival.
  • Mess
  • Two cafeterias inside the campus.


  • All the participants must carry their college identity card all the time during their stay at Bits-pilani K.K Birla Goa Campus.
  • We shall provide you with mattresses and buckets. You are encouraged to carry your own blankets.
  • Lockers and locks WILL NOT be provided during the fest.
  • Random checks would be made to avoid any illegal stay at the campus. Any team failing to produce their receipts of Accommodation would be heavily fined and disqualified.
  • Consumption of alcohol, tobacco or any intoxicant is strictly prohibited within campus premises.
  • Any flammable liquids, knives and explosives of any kind are strictly prohibited inside the campus. Any other item if deemed unsafe will be prohibited.
  • All food stalls will only use coupons for selling items. Direct monetary transactions are not allowed.
  • The organizers of QUARK'11 are not responsible for any loss of property or mishaps that occur during the period.
  • All the essential facilities are present inside the campus. These include a medical centre, a shopping complex and an SBI ATM.


What kind of accommodation is provided?
Accommodation is provided on a sharing basis. You can get accommodation either on or off campus. On campus we have common rooms and off campus have decent dormetries. All girls will be accommodated on campus itself.
What are the timings of the campus?
No one will be allowed to enter or exit the campus after 11 pm after registering for accommodation. Girls have to return to their respective hostels before 12.30AM. Boys are not allowed to enter girls Hostels and vice-versa.
What about the security facilities?
Our campus has a vigilant and round-the-clock security service. Every hostel and Quarter has security gaurds in order to avoid thefts. Although QUARK ’11 team will not take responsibility of any theft or other mishaps. So participants are requested to take care of their luggage or atleast lock them.
What about the food availabity?
The various options for food during your stay are the following (on payment basis) Extra eateries put up at the Food Court during the festival. Mess Two cafeterias inside the campus. Night canteen from 11pm to 1am and a bakery, icecream parlour and coffee shop.
What about the hospital facility?
There is an institute Hospital located near students activity center. In case you fall ill, you are advised to report to respective hostel’s assitant. We shall make appropriate arrangements for you to be treated at the Institute hospital.

Contact Us

 R.S.S Harsha                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Abhilash Reddy
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