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The year : 2025

Goa is now the drug capital of the world!!!

Drug cartels fight over territory,control,over movement of drugs and supply to others cartels.These being just a few of the many reasons that they fight each other.
They settle all disputes with raw carnage,but their battles are fought using robots (bots),not humans.
You are one such newly emerging cartel in the Goa.

Come and fight to win territorial and distribution rights over the largest drug cartel/gang territory in Goa in a winner takes all,high stakes Kombat of your life.

                   REMEMBER NO MERCY,

                                                                              NO CLEMENCY,

                                                                                                                        JUST ONE SURVIVOR...



Prize Money :


                                                                        MORE THAN 50,000 Rs  +   GOODIES to be won ......

                                  The Prize Money has been increased ......Now one more reason for you to get excited .....






Incase you have sent us your TDP and havent got a reply so far please remail us your TDP and do contact the Event Managers. Send in your mail to  

[email protected]

Also in case you have uploaded travel proof and haven't recieved any mail confirming or denying accommodation contact the accommodation dept.

In case you havent uploaded travel proof as of yet , then do contact the accommodation dept as soon as possible regarding possibility of accommdating your team (in case no of members is 2 or lesser) or getting alternate accommodation nearby to our campus.


With the History of  more than 110 teams participating last quark,
this Quark, ROBOKOMBAT is all set to get bigger, better and deadlier.
Expect nothing less than the ultimate robowarfares as teams nationwide go nip and tucks. The lethal  combination of engineering and arrant intention of destruction is all laid to put the arenas on fire, nothing but more sparks orbiting around the arenas.


Design a wired/wireless, manually controlled robot that is capable of overpowering its opponent in a battle against other bots.
Weight limit: Maximum of 25Kgs.
Size: Maximum of 60x60x60 (in cms) –When all movable/extendable parts / weapons are fully compacted so as to occupy minimum space.


1 Each team can register with a maximum of FIVE members and there will be a minimum of two rounds. The first round will be a one on one event where bots will push each other and the bot that gets pushed out of the arena within the given time limit loses. In case no decisive outcome is reached within the time limit a tie will be declared. Bots may not remain inactive for more than 60 seconds.
2 During the match only three team-members will participate in competition (within the area demarcated for participants), one member will control the bot, another to help with control wires and the third member will control the weapons on the bot (pushers, flappers, cutting wheels, pneumatic weapons etc...) Teams are allowed to switch members in different matches.
3 Setup time: 120 seconds.
4 Match duration: 4 minutes for the first round. The remaining rules will be explained to the participants at the time of the event or just before the event’s next round begins.
5 Winning criteria: Team can either win by direct knockout or if the opponents are incapacitated either by damaging them or somehow opponents become inactive for more than 60 seconds thereby getting disqualified.
6 A robot is declared immortal/victorious if its opponent becomes totally inactive. A robot will be declared inactive if it cannot display any movement for a time period of 60 seconds.”
7 First round (Sumo Bot) - Bots goes all out in a one on one against each other where they are to push the opponent out of the arena within the given time limit failing which a tie will be declared. Weapons are not to be used in the first round in which no destruction is allowed
8 Knock out rounds:
  Second Round: will be announced on the spot where rules will be explained or the website will be updated at a later stage with further details. This round is tentative please keep checking the website for updates further details about this round.
The final match: The final match will be a knock out till there is one ultimate survivor. Further rules will be explained by the Event Managers before the round begins. The decision of the Event Managers will be final and binding on all participants.
9 Weapons cannot be used during the first round, weapons cannot be used to destroy the control wires (if any) of opponent bots, destruction or damage to arena will lead to disqualification of the bot and thereby the team.




 Bot dimension & fabrication:
1 The initial dimension of bot should not exceed 60cm x 60cm x 60cm. However there is no limitation on bot dimension once the match starts.
2 Any machine component should not be detached (intentionally) during any point of the war.
3 The weight of the machine should not exceed 25 kgs. (Excluding remote control, control wires and power source).
4 In case of a wireless bot weight limit will be extended to 1.2 times maximum weight limit of 25 kgs, in other words for wireless bots the weight limit is 30 kgs
5 Readymade gear boxes, parts, chassis, control circuits and remote control can be used.

1 In case of wired bots, the wires should remain slack at any instant during the fight. All the wires coming out of the machine should be stacked as a single unit. Also, the wires should be projected 1000 mm above the ground to avoid entanglement.
2 In case of wireless system, it should have a minimum two / three frequency remote control circuit or two dual control circuits or a transmitter-receiver paired module so that the frequency interferences with opponent team can be avoided (in case of any interference in the wireless systems, they will not be considered for rematch or in the results).
3 Remote controls that are readily available in the market may also be
Used with suitable modifications if needed.


1 The machine can be powered electrically only. Use of an IC engine in any form is not allowed. Batteries must be sealed, immobilized-electrolyte types (such as gel cells, lithium, NiCad, NiMH, or dry cells).Since destruction is allowed batteries should be suitably and sufficiently protected from damage as far as possible also multiple rounds may be conducted back to back so the batteries are advised to be kept fully charged with backup battery(s). It is advised to make provision for alternate power source such as a provision to use 230V AV. The previous statement was advisory in nature but not compulsory.
2 The electrical voltage at any point of time in the machine should not exceed 40 V DC/AC. In case higher voltage is being used for weapons such as in cutting blade motors please mail the event managers and get their approval beforehand failing which teams may be disqualified.
3 230V (AC) power will be provided (for wired bots).
4 In case of wireless bots batteries should be placed on the bot itself also teams cannot use 230V AC external supply.
5 In case of wired bots teams can use external batteries.
6 All efforts must be made to protect battery terminals from a direct short and causing a battery fire, failure to do so will cause direct disqualification.


1 Participants can use pneumatic and hydraulic weapon systems. Use of external pressure/ liquid cylinders are allowed. Cylinders can be placed on or off the bots.
2 The outlet pressure of the source/tank should not exceed 8 bars.
3 Robots can use pressurized, non-inflammable gases/liquid to initialize their pneumatic mechanisms.
4 The used pressure should be indicated by means of temporarily fitted pressure gauge or there should be a provision to measure the cylinder pressure on the bot.
5 The storage tank and pressure regulators used by teams need to be certified and teams using pneumatics are required to produce the Safety and Security letters at the event venue on the day of the first round to the event managers when reporting to the before the first round begins. It is also advised to mail the Event Managers beforehand and intimate them about the specifications of how the weapon is planned to be used and what precautions have/will been taken to prevent damage and or or any mishap.
6 You must have a safe way of refilling the system and determining the on board pressure.
7 All pneumatic components on board a robot must be securely mounted. Particular attention must be made to pressure vessel mounting and armour to ensure that if ruptured it will not escape the robot. The terms 'pressure vessel, bottle, and source tank' are used interchangeably.

Robots can have any kind of cutters, flippers, saws, hammers, lifting devices etc. as weapons,

with the following EXCEPTIONS:
1 Liquid projectiles
2 Acid based Weapons
3 EMP generators
4 Any kind of flammable liquid
5 Flame-producing weapons
6 Any kind of explosive material.
7 Radio jammers
8 Any other weapon that might cause damage to the arena .


1 If the bot operator is seen to be using the wire from the controller to pull, move or hold the bot, i.e. if the wire becomes taught at any point, the team will be disqualified.
2 All efforts must be made to protect battery terminals from a direct short and causing a battery fire, failure to do so will lead to direct disqualification.


1 Compliance with all event rules is mandatory. It is expected that competitors stay within the rules and procedures of their own accord and do not require constant policing.
2 The machine would be checked for its safety before the competition and the team would be disqualified if their machine is found unsafe.
3 Participants are expected to abide by the rules & should co-operate with the organizers.
4 If you have a robot or weapon design that does not fit within the categories set forth in these rules or is in some way ambiguous or borderline, please contact the event organizers. Safe innovation is always encouraged, but surprising the event staff with your brilliant exploitation of a loophole may cause your robot to be disqualified before it even competes.
5 All participants build and operate robots at their own risk. Combat robotics is inherently dangerous. There is no amount of regulation that can encompass all the dangers involved. Please take care to not hurt yourself or others when building, testing and competing.



Download the Rules and Other Details regarding the event here


Note that the rules pdf is not up to date the rules on the site shall be used by the Event Managers for any and all purposes so please keep checking the site for changes and updates in rules. 

(Please check the additional Information page for accomedation and abstract related details.)

Team Specifications:

Minimum : 1 members
Maximum : 5 members

Judging Criteria

Participants are requested to check the rules for various means of disqualification and elimination. The aim if not to get eliminated (knocked-out)

In case of any disputes or exigent circumstances, the decision of the EVENT MANAGERS is FINAL and BINDING.

In case of ambiguity in the interpretation of rule(s) the participants are requested to contact EVENT MANAGERS and clarify their doubts as only the interpretation of the EVENT MANAGERS (the intent with which the rule was made)  will matter.


Participants are requested to submit TEAM DESCRIPTION PAPER (TDP) at the earliest (Note: Submission of  the Team Description Paper is compulsory for all those seeking accommodation with us and accommodation is given on a first come first serve basis so send in your abstracts / TDP's at the earliest - for details regarding the TDP scroll down ).

The TDP MUST contain 

A short writeup of the bot's defensive and/or offensive strategies....

Photo(s) of the bot .

Team id's , names of all members of the team , Quark id's also of possible (please register all members and the team leader can add members to the team me has created)

Once you send in the tdp you will recieve a mail confirming your participation after which teams are required to apply for accommodation on the website (they can have already applied also ) .Once you recieve conformation of participation mail from us @ ROBOKOMBAT please upload your travell proofs with the accommodation department (link is there on the top right corner) once you have done that you will get further mail form the accommodation dept.


OPTIONAL (Teams can choose whether they want to send a video or not - but a video carries more weightage if sent .... )

A video of the bot in action .... (preferably mailed to us in a CD/DVD) if you are planning to use any other way of sending us the video (if at all you do send one) please contact EVENT MANAGERS before doing so(even though the video is optional it has more weightage if teams choose to send it ) ......

Once the TDP has been received by us we will accordingly allot accommodation to teams ... so do send them in at the earliest 


  • WITH VIDEO                                                       - 25th of JANUARY 2012.
  • WITHOUT VIDEO(only writeup + photos)       - 24th of JANUARY 2012.

Some useful pointers / guides to bot making (use only what is applicable and within the rules)......






The links given above are just some guides on how to get started, REMEMBER the sky is the limit....they are not restricitons to the type of bots you can make but do keep in mind your opponents may use one or more of the above (essential to come up with defensive strategies )

Go ahead and INNOVATE away ......

Participants are also requested to regularly check the website for any changes in the event and event related issues.....


  Those participants who have uploaded travel proof please check your mail regarding allotment or non- allotment of accommodation .... Please contact the accommodation dept. or the Event Managers for alternate accommodation facilities or other arrangements available to participants.


For any queries/feedback or similar,  send an e-mail to [email protected], or get in touch with any one of us:

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