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The Online Treasure Hunt is back!

E-dorado will be a unique “race against time” game exclusively devoted to testing your agility and numerical skills.  A plethora of intriguing questions await you, which, despite being based on basic mathematics, IQ and logical reasoning, are bound to test the efficiency of your grey cells.  So gear yourself up for an unrivalled experience this Quark, where time literally flies by.


To play here!!

RIP Open




Combine the above three and solve the challenging problems. Prove yourself and show off your knowledge of the five web building skills.
The skills you need –

  1. HTML(5)
  2. CSS(3)
  3. Javascripting
  4. PHP
  5. MySQL

You will have to write scripts, make working demos and recreate things by using pure CSS skills. A fun ride for the people who love anything and everything on the web.