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Challenge.   Compete.   Evolve.


Competitions have been a time tested platform to bring out the ingenuity & innovation from every participant. From Coding to Robotics, Aeromodelling to Entrepreneurship, Quiz to Model United Nations, Quark has something in store for everyone!

Event Categories

Quark 2012 presents more than 35 events from various fields of science and technology such as mechanial, chemical, electronics, electrical, programming, robotics, biology, chemistry  and many more. . Don't forget to check out the fun Elixir events!


Aiming at people, who enjoy dealing with challenges and risks with an eye on that elite league of the multibillionaires, the Corporate category, is specially designed to test your business skills. If you find comfort in the high stakes high reward system, and love the business jargon, then this is one Category, you wouldn't like to miss.  With events specially designed to assess your analytical skills, and your business sense, find out  whether you have the aptitude to be among the future Fortune 500 or not!!


To bring out the electronic enthusiast in you, Electrify presents a collection of events ...As someone wisely said,"The new rules of Electronics - Build it and plug it - If it sparks, unplug it - If it smokes, turn it off - If it heats up, check it, and plug it back - Don't be afraid of trying something new."... Come design and discover...

Design and Build

As the scientific world seeks for innovation and efficiency, core engineering concepts occupy the centre stage. Engineers and enthusiasts battle it out for technical glory in this event. At Quark 2012, Design And Build will test your engineering skill to the limit .Be prepared , because it's time to go ll guns blazing!

Programmers' Inc

Programmers' Inc, the series of events in Quark 2012 related to the cyberspace, which , today is the framework of almost everything we see. It promises to not only be breathtaking in its simplicity and its content, but also a source for the best Tech minds of the country to fight it out in a forum that is truly fitting to the genius of today’s tech-savvy youth.


As someone said long time back “If you can see your tomorrow today, you can definitely change it too.”

Quark brings to you ultimate robotics events offering the perfect blend of entertainment and technology. So, go ahead, and prepare for the ultimate showdown in design as you simulate a daunting wrestling match, or instead, be the creator of a cyborg that can rescue the last of the human species. Huge crowds, handsome rewards, and primarily – innovation at its supreme: This is your chance to make the future happen, now.


Hosting events in the pure sciences - Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics - Elixir offers the young scientist an opportunity to thrive in fascinating events. Dabble with chemistry to solve everyday life problems. Let the physicist in you define a new world. Use mathematics to solve crime.


The Specials are a collection of events that find the best of talent of the country. Get ready to summon all your skills for these events.Encompassing the no-holds-barred Quark Open Showcase Event, Matka, Paper Presentation and School Bag, the Specials are a perfect blend of thrill, adventure, hobby, innovation, imagination and a tempting bouquet of prizes in a ‘special’ way forming the highlight of the festival. 


The world as we see now isn't just the product of actions but inactions!

It's high time that we not only pay for our actions...but also inactions...
Indulge. Innovate. Inspire.

In this segment of events, Quark 2012 focuses on sectors like Clean Energy, Green Buildings, Agricultural Efficiency, Rural Electrification and Urban Waste Management.

This provides a perfect platform for the participants, professionals and policy makers to come together and deliberate on the solutions to these concerns. It also creates an ideal environment for spreading awareness about the development sector and usage of clean and efficient energy. 

The initiatives include:

Guest lectures on sustainability, environment and energy consumption.
Environmental exhibitions
Performances by "green" musicians and bands
The initiatives also include three events; namely Bhagirath, Gangreen and Eco-Architect. Planned in association with actively functioning student bodies each of these events has been of the campus focusing on the related issues.

Online Events