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"Never overlook the power of Simplicity"

Numbers is back with a bang!!

And this time, you need not be a mathematical prodigy to be able to solve the intricacies involved in mind boggling mysteries. Pure logic and sheer analysis is what it takes to unfold the secrets behind baffling cases. This event is for the purest minds which can use the most fundamental of math concepts to give awe inspiring Solutions to seemingly “Tough” Problems.

In this event participants are given self-contained passages which explain new concepts. The participants are expected to use the given ideas to provide solutions for the questions posed. In the final round participants are presented with a complete case study, to be solved by observing and manipulating the given ideas.

Prizes worth INR 12,000 to be won!




Round Descriptions:

The Event comprises of three rounds.

Round 1 - Quiz:

  •  Participants can expect a mix of objective as well as subjective questions.
  •  Duration: 90 mins.

Round 2 - Eliminations:

  • Two elimination rounds each of 20min duration will be conducted.
  • In each round, the teams cracking the problems quickly will be awarded bonus points. It's basically Rapid-Numbers!
  • Wrong answers will be penalized.

Round 3 - The Super Six:

  • Participants are expected to analyze a given real / hypothetical situation.
  • If none are able to solve the situation completely, the team with maximum points wins.
  • Duration: 60 mins.

The Tie-breaker:

In the final round, the team with the maximum points wins. In case of a tie, another short round of 20 mins will be held to decide the final winner!





  • No points get carried over.
  • Any kind of electronic gadget is not allowed.


  • Wrong answers will lead to negative marking.
  • First ten teams will not get any bonus points for the second elimination round.
  • No points will be carried over.

The Super Six:

  • To be announced on the spot.

Team Specifications:

Minimum : 1 members
Maximum : 2 members

Judging Criteria





Regarding any query, please send an e-mail to [email protected] or get in touch with me:

V.L.N. Vihari
+91 9673975642