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Business Law



Do you know what you need to know to protect your interest while dealing with seasoned businessman? Have you heard of entrepreneurs who lost their companies to investors? Startups need good legal insights and help to protect its interests. Some founders end up paying too much to lawyers, others ignore legal issues and pay the price later. Let us simplify everything for you. Learn the basics, and never look back when you start your own company.

The workshop covers an extensive range of legal formalities you need to take care of, right from starting your business to approaching an angel investor / VC for funding.

Dates: The workshop shall be conducted according to the following schedule:

Session 1          Feb 4         9AM - 1PM
Session 2          Feb 5         2PM - 7PM

Duration8 hours


For any queries contact :

Nidhi Kothari

[email protected]

+91 9561286640 

Course content

Content Ouline

The workshop would be divided into 3 parts:

Part 1: Getting your business started 

  • Lesson 1: Incorporation of your business
  • Lesson 2: Taxation for IT entrepreneurs

Part 2: Starting Operations & building processes

  • Lesson 3: Recruiting Employees
  • Lesson 4: Introduction to basic labour law & municipal law compliances 
  • Lesson 5: Speeding up your dispute resolution processes

Part 3: Approaching a VC for Funding 

  • Lesson 6: This lesson discusses the importance of a non-disclosure agreement before you approach a VC

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Rules and Pre-requisites




Participants having a valid ID card of their respective educational institutions are eligible for the workshop.


Team Specifications

The exercises in this workshop can be done independently, so the registration will be on an individual basis.

Pre Requisites

No prior knowledge is required to attend the workshop.

Payment Details

The cost of the workshop is Rs 1100/- per participant. 


All the participants would be Certified by National University of Juridical Sciences.