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Geek N Latin


Bored of coding in the high level programming languages? Want to try something new?

Enter the world of Brainfuck and Whirl!!  A world where you don’t need to remember endless keywords, functions and where just a small set of operators will help you reach your destination.

Here, you’re given an opportunity to think out of the box and to solve any problem in an innovative way!
If u want to have fun while coding come and be a part of Geek N Latin!

Check out the details and rules sections for important information.

Prizes worth Rs. 15,000 to be won!
Participants please note that the Wildcard Round probelm statements have been modified.
Geek N Latin wildcard entry round has begun. Be the first team to solve a simple brainfuck question and get direct entry to the finals! 
Wildcard Round:

Problem statement for the wildcard round can be downloaded here:

Problem Statement




The event consists of programming in Esoteric languages. These are languages not specifically designed for efficient or elegant solutions of problems, but rather to experiment with unusual ideas.

Esoteric languages are very popular among programmers and hackers all around the world. We have included one of the most popular esoteric languages – Brainfuck, along with a relatively new language, Whirl for the programmers to face the challenges offered by these languages.

Pre-Quark Round Description

The round consist of two sub-divisions:

There will be two Pre-Quark online rounds having parallel entries. Both rounds will be similar in structure and difficulty and will consist of two sections each, with certain points allotted to each question. You have to score as high as you can if you want to advance to the finals. The 2 sections of the Pre-Quark round are as follows:

    Brainfuck questions - A set of problem statements will be given and the participants will have to submit the BF code of the same.
    Whirl questions - A few problems will be given and the code has to be submitted in Whirl language.

Wild Card Entry Round

This will be an online round, one day before the final event. This is for teams who either missed Rounds 1 & 2 or did not qualify in them.


Questions will be of the same pattern as before.


In the finals, only Brainfuck and Whirl questions would be provided to the participants and they have to submit the answers as early as possible. The problems would be of higher difficulty level than the preliminary rounds. The team submitting the right code at the earliest wins the Event!





For preliminary online rounds

    A team can participate in either of the two or even both the online rounds.
    The selection of the teams from the Online rounds would be as follows:

    The top 8 teams from Online Round 1 will be automatically selected for the On-Campus finals during quark.
    Similarly the top 8 teams from Online Round 2 will be selected for the finals. In effect the two online rounds thus act as parallel means to get into the finals.
    Top 2 consistent performers based on their cumulative points in the online rounds 1 and 2 will also advance to the finals.
    In addition to it we have 2 wild card entries in the campus during quark. So even if you don't make the cut in the first two rounds, solve us some challenging problems on campus during quark and you can compete with the other 20 contestants in the big finals.

The solutions to both the rounds must be submitted within the deadlines given for the particular rounds. The dates and time will be declared in due time.

You are allowed to send more than one entry for the rounds in an overall zipped folder. We will only consider the last folder you send.

For the on-campus finals

    A separate computer system will be provided to each of the 20 finalist teams for the finals.
    The software on each will include a BF interpreter and a whirl machine. The exact list will be put up before the finals take place. Teams will not be allowed to use any other compiler/interpreter.  No other software or even internet can be used during the event.

Team Specifications:

Minimum : 1 members
Maximum : 2 members

Judging Criteria


Online Elimination Rounds 1 and 2

     The Brainfuck/Whirl programs will be checked for their output. 8 teams with highest scores go to the final round from each of the online rounds. In case of a tie between two   or more teams, one Brainfuck question will be given to the teams and the team to submit the correct solution first advances to the final round.

Wild Card Entry Round

     Judging criteria will be the same as for rounds 1 and 2. In case of a tie, the team to submit solutions first goes to the finals.

Final On-campus Round

     Judging criteria will be the same as for rounds 1 and 2. In case of a tie, the team to submit solutions first wins.

Special Note

    The decision of the judges shall be treated as final and binding on all.
    The organizers reserve the rights to change any or all of the above rules as they deem fit. Changes in the rules, if any will be highlighted on the website and notified to the registered participants.




Here are some custom made tutorials for the event which will give you basic info of some of the fields which will be covered in the Problem Statement.

The following links can be helpful for participants:
    You can download Geek N Latin tutorials here:

Brainfuck Programming Language Tutorial

Whirl Programming Language Tutorial

    You can download software required for the event here:

Geek N Latin Software

    An online bf interpreter-you can practice here too-
    Download the Whirl machine from here,it greatly helps in programming compared to other interpreters available-



If you have any query, please send an e-mail to [email protected] or get in touch with any one of us:

Shreya Kedia


Nikhita Aron