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The evolution of science and technology stems from the need to solve the problems of the society. Bhagirath 2.0 during Quark 2012 will involve technocrats in the same pursuit!

Bhagirath - is an event aiming at inviting technological solutions to the current social problems.

Participants require knowledge of current technological developments in social sector and preferably have very non-conventional methods to attack the given problem statements.

Prizes worth INR 30,000 to be won

Deadline for Abstract Submission has been extended to 18th January 2012.




There are two verticals in this event. A team can only participate in one of the verticals.

1.  Rural Health Care
2.  ICT in Governance

Click on the above links to get the detailed problem statement

Round 0: Aarohan

Participants are required to submit an online abstract at [email protected] for this round by 12th January 2012.

Content of the mail:

  • Team Name
  • Institute Name (If any.)
  • Team members' names
  • Team members' contact numbers¬
  • Team members’ registration numbers
  • Team members' email
  • Choice of vertical


Abstracts should be 6-10 MS Power Point Slides(2003 or 2007 format), the first slide having the above details and the rest explaining your idea.

Font size should be no less than 12.

The suggested layout of the presentation is (but not restricted to): Your understanding of the problem, approach/methodology, technical analysis and planning. 

Round 1 Aaveshan :

6-8 teams from each vertical will be invited to the college to give their presentations in front of the judges and panelists. Teams will have to provide a detailed report on their solution. Judges will study the report and the shortlisted teams will qualify for the next round.

The qualifying teams will receive a set of questions after the first round ends. They will have 3-4 hours to prepare.

Round 2  Aarambh :

The teams will present the answers to the questions put by the judges. And there will be a discussion round where the teams and judges will interact. After considering the feasibility and implementations of the ideas, the results will be announced.



Eligibility Criteria: A group of thinkers! It’s an open event focusing on innovators, so everyone’s invited!

General Rules:

  1. A participant can represent only one team and cannot be a part of more than one team
  2. Participants need not necessarily be from an educational institution.
  3. A group can have members from several institutions.
  4. Any number of teams can participate from the same college
  5. Follow the given format of the abstract
  6. The presentation should not exceed 15- 20 minutes
  7. There will be eliminations after each round

Team Specifications:

Minimum : 1 members
Maximum : 4 members

Judging Criteria



Judging Criteria :

  • Maximum weightage will be given to the feasibility of the solution and how easily can it be implemented in the real world
  • Credit will be given for originality and technical ingenuity
  • The concept should be World Ready (Just a step away from real world implementation!)
  • There will be industry leaders, social scientists and eminent professors judging the event and their decision will be final



If you have any query, please send an e-mail to [email protected], or get in touch with :

Arushi Gupta
+91 9665081136 

+91 9559821080