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Gurindar Singh Sohi





Prof. Gurinder Singh Sohi is currently the John P. Morgridge Professor and the E. David Cronon Professor of Computer Sciences in the Computer Sciences and Electrical and Computer Engineering departments. He received a Ph.D in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois.

Prof. Sohi's research has been in the design of high-performance computer systems and microprocessors. His paper "High Bandwidth Data Memory Systems for Superscalar Processors" (in ASPLOS 1991) argued for non-blocking (or lockup-free) caches, and was instrumental in influencing high-end microprocessors to switch from blocking to non-blocking caches. In the early 1990s while other computer architects started investigating out-of-order processors he proposed the concept of multiscalar processors and thread-level speculation in his papers "The Expandable Split Window Paradigm for Exploiting Fine-Grain Parallelism" (in ISCA 1992) and "Multiscalar Processors" (in ISCA 1995). 

Over the years he has discussed his research with architects and given talks in design groups at most of the leading microprocessor manufacturers, including Digital Equipment, HaL, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, MIPS, Motorola, Silicon Graphics, and Sun Microsystems. He edited "25 Years of the International Symposium on Computer Architecture - Selected Papers" published by ACM.

Its a great opportunity for all the students specially who are interested in computer acrhitecture and microprocessors to have face-to-face interaction with him.

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